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As a digital native, I have always been fascinated with how communication and technology influence one another. My goal is to study this connection and, hopefully, screenshot-wordpress.com-2019.01.08-20-40-33use it to find better ways to help businesses interact with their audience. I’ve spent over 8 years in social media, communications and customer support across diverse industries, including technology, real estate, book publishing, retail, litigation finance, and legal process outsourcing to name a few. Two of those years were spent working as a digital marketing coordinator for local and international startups. My key activities have been direct marketing, website management, content creation, email marketing, social media management, and strategy. My goal is simple. I want to provide people with positive resources, deliver impactful content, and foster meaningful connections.

On another note, I am also a strong supporter of the Oxford comma and an active participant in the body positive movement, which includes promoting positive images of sex, relationships, and self amongst women, men, and non-binary folks. My first novel, written in this vein, was published by an imprint Bonnier Publishing in 2017. I have participated in and helped organize two reproductive justice summits alongside representatives from the National Organization of Women, Stonewall Alliance, and the National Latina Institute. Aside from running a small software startup called Bookspire, I spend most of my time reading books with sweeping romances or chilling twists, drinking too much coffee to be healthy, and drowning Twitter in We Need Diverse Books hashtags.