Cat lover. Graduate student. 28 and counting. Currently reading Knife by Jo Nesbo.

As a digital native, I have always been fascinated with how communication and technology influence one another. My goal is to study this connection and, hopefully, it to find better ways to help businesses interact with their audience. I’ve spent over 8 years in social media, communications and digital marketing across diverse industries, including technology, real estate, book publishing, retail, litigation finance, and nonprofit to name a few. Two of those years were spent working as a digital marketing coordinator for local and international startups. My key activities have been direct marketing, website management, content creation, email marketing, social media management, and strategy. My goal is simple. I want to provide people with positive resources, deliver impactful content, and foster meaningful connections.

On another note, I am also a strong supporter of the Oxford comma and an active participant in the body positive movement. I have participated in and helped organize two reproductive justice summits alongside representatives from the National Organization of Women, Stonewall Alliance, and the National Latina Institute. Aside from pursuing my graduate degree and working as a marketing manager for an amazing literacy-focused nonprofit in the Bay Area, I spend most of my time reading books with sweeping romances or chilling twists, drinking too much cold brew to be healthy, and watching horror movies.

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